To Most People, Sky is the Limit.

To Those Who Love Aviation, Sky is Home.

You can get that dream home by investing in the perfect private jet and enjoying the various perks of jet living. Buying a private jet was never so easy, nor was the time more perfect than the present. Having your own plane gives you the benefits of accessibility, privacy, safety, and customization. You get to travel fast, opt for shorter routes, and remain secure by accessing safe corridors. The jet can also be rented when not in use for a side income source. Alternately, you can tie-up with the tourism industry and earn regular revenues.

Great Flying Needs

The covid period saw a hike in private jet preferences and people frequently booked large flights to travel with families or corporate members across different destinations in Indian and Asia. Presently, although the situation is much safer, people are reluctant to let go of their jet flying habit due to the multiple privileges. So, if your yearly flying needs surpass 150-250 hours, then it’s time to think of investing in a private jet to save on travel expenses.


The top reason for investing in a private jet is that it offers you an optimum level of safety. You travel with known people, and no outsider is allowed near you. It also keeps you secure during a pandemic, and you avoid getting infected.


Next to safety, privacy is a big concern for people in the limelight. If you are a familiar public figure who constantly gets bogged down by paparazzi or even the general population, owning a private jet is the best decision. You can also have your favourite pet on board, and nobody would stop you from seating it next to your seat.


For most buyers, the motivation to buy a jet is its accessibility. With your very own private aircraft, you don’t have to wait for a flight schedule to go to any place. You can fly within half an hour of deciding on your destination with just the essential pre-board check.


Another advantage of buying your private jet is that you can customize it as per your liking. You can have a bigger seating area to hold your in-flight board meetings or customize a master bedroom to catch up on your beauty sleep as you fly to your preferred destination.

Hire an Expert

Yet, buying a private jet is never an easy decision. You need to consider several factors like the amount of financial investment, the average flying hour requirement for a year, the taxes, and the maintenance and storage expenses. First, you need to choose the ideal jet. Aircraft typically come in five different forms- Light, Mid-Size, Super-Mid, Heavy, and Turbo-Props. Hence, before investing in them you need to ask yourself several questions like are you buying the jet for your personal or corporate use, what is the largest passenger number expected on the flight, and how far would you like to travel on your private jet. Some more vital questions to contemplate are- would you like to invest in a new jet or a pre-owned one, and where would you park it when not in use. These are some serious questions that require deep contemplation. Don’t do the hard work all by yourself. Hire a jet expert or a management company to help you go through the nuances of aircraft buying. These professionals would help you with the purchase of the perfect aircraft. What is more- they could also assist you in jet chartering to ensure that your plane keeps running and you gain some extra cash benefit from it.

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