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Single Engine Helicopters


  • Crew: 1 Crew
  • Capacity: 5 Pax
  • Length: 41 ft 8 in (12.7 m)
  • Height: 11 ft 8 in (3.56 m)
  • Maximum Take-off Weight: 6,000 lb (2,722 kg)
  • Powerplant: 1 × Allison 250-C47B turboshaft, 813 shp (606 kW)


  • Maximum Speed: 140 knots (161 mp/h, 260 km/h)
  • Range: 324 nmi (372 mi, 598 km)


Bell 407 layout

Textron Bell 407

The Textron Bell 407 is a multi-purpose helicopter manufactured by the reputed Bell Helicopter. Frequently used for transport, filming events, taking aerial shots of news events as well as for evacuation or emergency operations, The Textron Bell 407 is one ultimate solution to all.

Bell 407was introduced as a derivative and an enhanced version of The Bell 206 L-4 Long Ranger.

A four-blade rotorcraft, with a single but powerful Rolls-Royce/Allison 250-C47 turboshaft, the Textron Bell 407 offers an enhanced Maximum Take-off Weight and better performance at higher altitudes and higher temperature.

The helicopter’s spacious air-conditioned cabin can seat 4 passengers and two pilots. The cabin is 105cu.ft in volume and is 4.2ft high, 4.8ft wide and 5ft long.

A powerful helicopter with a cruise speed of 130 knots, The Textron Bell 407 has a range of 355 miles.

A safe, reliable, powerful and comfortable helicopter, Bell 407 is one of the most robust helicopters. Its success inspired Bell Helicopters to introduce its various enhanced variants like HB-407GX, HB-407GXP and HB-407GT, all of which did fair justice to Bell’s impeccable reputation.



Ecureuil AS350 B3 is a high performing single engine helicopter belonging to Eurocopter’s (now Airbus) Ecureuil Line.

One of the safest, most reliable, efficient, cost effective and high performing rotorcrafts, Eurocopter AS350 B3 belongs to the league of the best helicopters in the industry.Ecureuil AS350 B3 holds the honour of being the first helicopter to land on and take off from the summit of Mount Everest.

A variant of AS350, AS350B3 is a high-performing version of its prototype and owing to the same is used for multiple purposes.

Powered by a single TurbomecaArriel 2B engine and fitted with FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control), AS350B3 is one of the most suitable aircraft for operating in high altitude and mountainous areas. With the capability to take-off and land quickly, it is fitter for emergency operations.

The Ecureuil AS350 B3 has a seating capacity of 1 pilot and 4-5 passengers in its quiet, sophisticated cabin and offers various adaptations to cater to the operational requirements.

A versatile, safe, dependable, efficient, spacious, cost-effective high-performer, AS350B3 has got it all one looks for in a rotorcraft and is undoubtedly one of the most popular helicopters in the industry.

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