Fly Hassle-Free with a Bigger Group – Charter a private aircraft

Private aircraft charter is a convenient and perfect choice to travel with a group. Whether you are travelling for meetings, incentives, conferences and events (MICE) or you are travelling for leisure, a private jet allows you to fly in an easy, safe and stress-free manner.

Benefits of Using a Private Jet Charter


When you travelling with a group keeping up with the flight schedules of commercial flights is just impossible. A private jet offers you flexibility such as airport choice, flight timings, total seating, day & month of travel, etc.


When a bigger group travels together, there is chaos due to baggage handling, sitting arrangements, reaching the airport, etc. Commercial flights do not change their rules to incorporate the travelling needs of a group. 

Private jet charter, on the other hand, customises its services to meet the need of you and your group. Private jet staff and attendants ensure that you have a safe, stress-free and comfortable flight through their diligent assistance. 


You might need your own space when you are flying for event, seminar, meeting or conference. Your group might want to discuss, talk or relax in privacy. Commercial flights fail to offer privacy as they fly many passengers they cannot assure privacy to a few passengers.  

If you are travelling for leisure, there cannot be a worse choice than commercial flight because it is anything but leisure. Private jet charter provides you with a cosy and comfortable space – no squeezing or lack of leg space.

Tips to Fly Hassle Free

So, are you planning to charter a private jet for your group? Here are some extra tips to help you enhance your convenience while flying private.

Make a List

Create a list consisting of estimates regarding a total number of people travelling, an estimate of luggage, etc. This list will help you and your private charter company choose the right aircraft that suits your needs.

Plan Ahead

Well, all most everything can be a mess if left for the last minute. Although a private jet offers you the benefit of travelling on your terms, you must plan a group trip ahead for easy bookings.

Make It Clear

When you are flying with a group, try to give as much detail as possible about your trip to your aircraft charterer. This will help them make the right arrangements and make the right suggestions.

At Foresee Aviation, we have a perfect blend of robust aircrafts and a dedicated team to create an unforgettable flying experience. We have an exclusive fleet of aircraft designed for both MICE and leisure flight for bigger groups.

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