Light Jets – A new class of private Aircraft

Light Jets are an efficient and highly innovative type of business aircraft. These aircraft are capable of single-pilot operations and are great for sitting for 2-6 passengers, with the ability to carry up to 6. These aircraft are ideal for travelers who are traveling for short distances for business meetings or family day trips. Further, the operating cost is extremely low, leading to demand sale at an exponential rate, because of its adaptable nature.

  1. These jets are normally lighter than other private jet charters that are known as business jets and are designed in a way that it can be flown by single pilot owners.
  2. For business charter flights, only one or two passengers are taken on any trip. There are the top executives that make use of private jet charters and can travel on a jet having 7 empty seats.
  3. The introduction of light jets took place to lower down the cost and hassle of traveling in private jets.
  4. These jets are commonly for those trips where the clients normally go with private jets for business meetings to save time. As a result, for these types of trips those aircraft are preferred that have reasonable charter prices and could validate the journey.

Ultimately, some of the major light jets provided by Foresee Aviation are the following:

  • Cessna Citation CII

The Cessna Citation CII is a light business jet that is known for its impressive technology, design, and performance. This provides more space, increased fuel capacity, and more powerful engines.

  • Cessna Citation Cj2

It is a light jet that is known for its economic, simple range, and high performing light jets. It is normally known for its high performance and cost-efficiency. Moreover, it is superior, faster, and larger than its forerunner.

  • Cessna Citation Cj2+

Cessna Citation Cj2+ comes with a 6 passenger seating capacity. With a soundproofing cabin, it is quieter and comfortable for you to travel. It is easy and simple to operate and can be flown by a single pilot, bringing the flight costs lower and providing a choice to self-fly to one’s destination.

  • Beechcraft Premier 1A

This one is the fastest small jet with a big luxury stand-up cabin boosted with a state of the art avionics. This one needs a take-off runway of 3792 feet with 37000ft climb in 17 minutes when loaded to its maximum carrying ability of 12500lbs.

With years of experience in the aviation business, Foresee Aviation can consult on any kind of transaction, for all types of private aircraft classes. Whether you are planning for a pre-owned light jet, selling your jet, or researching on owning a light jet, our experts will provide you complete details of the process. Connect us today to discuss ownership of a light jet.

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