Dedicated safety

Dedicated Flight Approval and Coordination teams are working 24/7 to assess and approve any booking and change requests from a technical , safety and security stand point. To help reduce the spread of the virus, Foresee Aviation works with leading experts.

Your crew

All crew are checked for signs of the virus and if there is any doubt as to their health, Foresee Aviation takes necessary measures until cleared by a certified professional. Digital thermometers are stocked on board every aircraft to allow crew to register their temperature and immediately report to Operations

Enhanced aircraft cleaning

Foresee Aviation ensures that every aircraft’s crew maintain enough stock of masks, gloves, sanitisers and cleaning supplies. Should a passenger start displaying symptoms in-flight, our crew will contact Medical team at next airport immediately for further guidance.

Our associates

Foresee Aviation is working closely with all partners across our supply chain to ensure safe management, delivery and action everyday. Operation teams liaise daily with private jet terminals on bookings and inquiries to safeguard passengers and crew from arrival, through passport control where relevant, and on to our aircraft.


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